July 20, 2024

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TikTok: “Fake” Starbucks opens in Algeria and goes viral

TikTok: "Fake" Starbucks opens in Algeria and goes viral

The sun is rising in Oran, Algeria, and the early risers have smiles on their faces: Finally, a Starbucks has opened around the corner. Happily, they shared the news on social networks, not suspecting that they were actually promoting a “fake” Starbucks, which quickly closed its doors as soon as it opened them.

At the microphone of Yasmin Abdelfadel by QUB Radio, Me Chanel Alepin returns to this strange situation to say the least.

“We should not think that someone will make a claim [être] A franchise and a marketing campaign around it can’t be caught by Starbucks! They did their homework,” underlined the lawyer specializing in franchise and intellectual property law.

The “Almost” cafe finally closed its doors on Tuesday amid allegations against its owner. On social networks, Selim Hafer stated that he received the authorization from the big bosses to open a franchise in Algeria.

According to him, the director of Starbucks even let him know the company’s “secret” recipes, allowing him to pay for his license after the establishment became profitable.

Naturally, Starbucks denied these comments and confirmed in X that it had never opened establishments in Algeria, putting an end to the rumours.

While Starbucks has not confirmed legal action has been taken, the owner of the “fake” franchise faces serious charges.

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