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Top 8 Best Dumplings in Montreal

Top 8 Best Dumplings in Montreal

Steamed, fried, boiled… there’s nothing like a good plate of dumplings for instant comfort. Convenient and warm, these small Asian ravioli can be eaten in restaurants and at home. Comfort food passion

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Here are the top 8 best dumpling addresses in Montreal:

It’s hard to find better dumplings in Montreal than the ones at this Plaza Saint-Hubert address. Hence the restaurant benefited from expansion in 2020 after 5 years of tremendous success. A vegetarian option with pork and bok choy, beef and cilantro, tofu, carrot, cabbage and ginger. Not to mention their famous peanut sauce that enhances any dish.

6381 Saint-Hubert Street

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A revered address in Plateau Mont-Royal, Harbin Dumpling is now part of the rituals for many families living in the neighborhood. Dylan Phillips of the group Half Moon Run revealed in an interview that he always orders their fried egg and chive dumplings when he’s in Montreal. We understand!

4801, Bowl. Saint Laurent

3829 St. Denis Street

Located in Montreal’s Chinatown, this small restaurant draws crowds with its delicious and authentic dumplings. All the traditional filling options are there, along with original options like pork and corn dumplings or beef and onion curry.

1082, Bowl. Saint Laurent

These are the 15-piece plates that await you at Oh Dumplings, a restaurant in Chinatown that now has a branch in Brassard. Besides the famous ravioli, there is a variety of dishes, from soups to curry pots, through fresh salads.

1050 Clark Street

This is a must address when it comes to dumplings in Montreal. Here too, we are in the heart of Chinatown, a restaurant that offers a variety of fillings from pork, beef, chicken and vegetarian options. What sets Qing Hua Dumplings apart? Its generous portions and more than reasonable prices!

1019, bowl. Saint Laurent

There’s nothing like a visit to a dumpling hut for an evening comfortably as desired. Housed in a very warm little house, you almost feel like you are having dinner with friends when you visit this place for a delicious plate of dumplings. It’s a great place just a stone’s throw away, before going to see a movie at the Cinema du Parc.

3591 Clark Street

Online, over the phone or in person: all ways are good to order a delicious plate of Chinese dumplings at Le Petit Coin Dumpling. Plateau Restaurant has a loyal customer base and not without reason. You should try to adopt it!

1201 Rachel Street E

If you’ve ever had a drink at Bar Suzanne, you’ve probably also fallen for their amazing selection of steamed dumplings. Cocktail in one hand, chopsticks in the other, we enjoy their inventive dishes. Think: “pork, crab, kimchi”, “lamb, sweet potato, fennel seeds” or “pumpkin, shiitake mushrooms, 5 spices”. Pure joy.

20, Av. Duluth East

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