July 17, 2024

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Travelers stranded abroad | Ensures that the sun is causing the computer to crash due to CyberTalk

Travelers stranded abroad |  Ensures that the sun is causing the computer to crash due to CyberTalk

Sunwing CEO Mark Williams on Tuesday apologized to passengers and confirmed that a cyber attack on one of its suppliers had caused a computer delay.

Updated at 7:14 p.m.

Alice Girard-Bose

Alice Girard-Bose

Thousands of Sunwing Airlines passengers were stranded abroad on Tuesday or their vacations were delayed.

As of Tuesday evening, the company was still manually checking all customers, causing several flights to be delayed. “We are actively working with other carriers to find additional flights to reduce delays at specific destinations,” she said on Twitter.

For Kate Gowpil, it was “the first and last time with Sunwing”. “We’re very disappointed with how this happened. We received $ 15 each as compensation for the lunch. The pregnant woman said his flight to Punta Cana was postponed until 10:15 p.m.

Thousands of passengers were also stranded abroad. “It changes our plans, because we have to stay in Montreal tonight and there, if there are no other delays, we’ll be there tomorrow,” said Danny Simard, of Mexico. However, Kubeser was delighted to “enjoy another wonderful day in the sun”.

Sunwing looked after our rooms quickly, so we did not waste our time at the airport.

Danny Simard

However, he says he was lucky to have the opportunity to stay on the trip longer. “For us, it’s very easy, because we’m self-employed, but for everyone, Mr. and Mrs., it’s not easy with the boss,” he said.

Passengers were compensated

The airline on Tuesday offered customers the opportunity to change their departure date “only once” for free. Offer is valid for sunbathing bookings with departure dates between April 19-22. The company said the affected passengers would be compensated if the flight was delayed by more than three hours.

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According to the Travelers Charter, the minimum compensation for major airlines is $ 400 for 3-6 hour delays, $ 700 for 6-9 hour delays and $ 1000 for 9 hours or more. Compensation will be paid only in respect of interruptions attributed to the carrier which is not required for security reasons. The traveler has one year to submit their claim.

Nearly 21 aircraft, more than 40 scheduled flights, have been able to take off since the technical problem first appeared, the company said on Twitter in the evening. The tour operator said the issue was affecting other airlines as well, disrupting their operations.

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