July 20, 2024

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Unpaid rent: His tenant advertised his accommodation on Airbnb for $720 a night

Unpaid rent: His tenant advertised his accommodation on Airbnb for $720 a night

A French retiree was defrauded by a tenant who refused to pay rent and sublet accommodation on Airbnb multiple times.

As reported by the site Actu Paris, Claire decided to rent out her furnished apartment last May to pay for her husband’s living expenses for the elderly. “To avoid too many restrictions, I called a real estate agency,” she told local media.

Quickly, she received an “example” file of a young tenant. According to false documents submitted to the agency, the man earned 7,000 euros (10,300 Canadian dollars) a month, defrauding everyone by the fact.

Two weeks after the new tenant moved in things started to turn sour.

“He told me over the phone that the apartment had many defects. However, he told me that his father and his brother have companies that can handle the work,” Claire told French media.

However, the tenant’s father is none other than crook Sammy Bramy, alias Sammy Law Weasel, who is credited with renting unsanitary accommodation at astronomical prices.

Although she doesn’t know about Sammy Bramey’s past, something seems fishy to Claire. “They put a big TV on the wall and replaced the new sofa bed I put in with a poor quality one,” she recalls.

The case took on unprecedented proportions when Claire discovered that instead of living in the dorm, her tenant was subletting it on Airbnb for 490 euros (721 Canadian dollars) a night. According to the platform, the man also runs four other ads.

After the apartment owner pulled multiple ads from various platforms like Airbnb and Vrbo, the tenant counterattacked by refusing to pay his rent.

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After not paying two months’ rent, Claire had to move her husband’s residence because she couldn’t pay where he was. “He is no longer in Ile-de-France, which makes him closer to me. I am very helpless, very sad and very angry,” she said.

Due to the time the legal process takes, the situation does not benefit the retiree, asserted her lawyer Smt.e Aurelia Morachini.

“We’re going to send an official notice of eviction, but there will be a winter break. This is a family of thugs!” The real estate agency said.

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