July 23, 2024

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“We’re Coming with a Tsunami Without Alcohol”

"We're Coming with a Tsunami Without Alcohol"

With changing habits, more and more people are turning to non-alcoholic beverages to accompany their festive evening.

“We’re coming up with a tsunami of non-alcoholic products,” says Nicolas Duvernois, founder and CEO of Duvernois Esprits Creatifs — a company best known for products like Poor Vodka, Romeo’s Gin and Choco Crème.

A capture from the show “Vosafires”.

The founder described the launch of a new range of non-alcoholic beverages under Romeo’s gin brand, along with a “significant investment in a bock/ale microbrewery” to develop non-alcoholic beers.

“Our non-alcoholic portfolio is currently experiencing very strong growth,” maintains the businessman.

But is a non-alcoholic drink more beneficial?

In front of a refrigerator full of non-alcoholic beers, Stéphane Rochefort, the Quebec company’s executive vice-president, says these non-alcoholic drinks are in high demand.

“It’s been two years since we launched our first non-alcoholic product and we’re already at 50% of our sales,” he informs. Theoretically, in about two years, we expect it to exceed the 50% limit.

However, contrary to popular belief, soft drinks are not cheap to produce.

“But we don’t have to pay for alcohol, but alcohol is like an amplifier,” Mr. Rochefort explained. You need to add more aromatic intensity. This increases the cost of these natural flavors that we work with.

“Finally [les boissons non alcoolisées] It costs us more than alcohol,” he concluded.

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