April 18, 2024

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1 billion to decarbonize buildings in Quebec

1 billion to decarbonize buildings in Quebec

Billions of dollars have been earmarked for decarbonisation of the construction sector.

The Legault government will make the announcement today during the annual update of measures to implement the Plan for a Green Economy, its framework policy to reduce the impacts of climate change and accelerate electrification in Quebec.

New responsibilities for building owners

Radio-Canada has learned that Quebec is working on a mandatory building advertisement and rating system. It is a type of bulletin intended to assess the energy performance of an installation.

A bill aimed at forcing property owners to find solutions to meet stricter heating standards will be introduced next fall.

However, the carrot is waved in front of the stick: new standards will gradually come into force and financial aid programs will be offered. The government will have to reassure employers that the administrative burden of the new system will be simplified and automated.

The bill is more severe for new structures that meet higher energy efficiency requirements.

Recover waste heat

The heat produced in large quantities by factories is not recovered most of the time, but is spat into the air or water, constituting a considerable waste of energy.

Of the billion-dollar breakdown to decarbonize buildings, Quebec will contribute 215 million. Recovery of thermal discharges. In concrete terms, it involves capturing the heat emitted by an industrial building and redirecting it to another facility that uses it as an energy source.

The Legault government is very interested in this type of project. He has already waved the green flag for the mega hospital University Hospital De Quebec uses steam from a municipal incinerator. Another example: thermal discharges from the Resolute Forest Products plant in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean meet the energy needs of tundra greenhouses that produce vegetables.

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According to our information, the budget for the Chauffeuse Vert program will also increase and benefit from an additional $129 million. Its aim is to encourage owners of buildings powered by fossil fuels to switch to electricity or dual energy if they cannot manage the entire transition.

Quebec also takes a very positive view of buildings with thermal accumulators. Grants are awarded to interested parties. These are devices that store heat to release during peak periods.

Goals achieved?

Remember that the latest budget introduced by Quebec provides $9 billion in investments over five years to implement the plan for Green Economy 2030. The Legault government plans to cut carbon emissions by 37.5%. GHG It also aims to make Quebec a carbon neutral state by 2050, compared to 1990 levels.

During his last presentation, Minister Benoît Charette calculated that the measures announced to date would achieve only 51% of the reduction targets. GHG. The pressure from environmentalists to announce the increased percentage was too good for him.

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