September 25, 2023

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Birthday parade for a child who lost a parent in a Texas Walmart shooting

Birthday parade for a child who lost a parent in a Texas Walmart shooting

A Texas child who lost both of his parents in the El Paso Walmart massacre last year marked his first birthday over the weekend – a statement that his community returned to a parade in his honor.

Paul Gilbert Anjondo presented a crown and recall outfit to those who came out to celebrate the milestone on Saturday, According to news station KVIA.

“Everyone in the El Paso area and our community support him. We want him to remember that he is not alone,” his grandfather, Gilbert Anjondo, told the outlet.

The gunman fired at Walmart on August 3, 2019, along with his parents, Andre and Jordan Argento.

Jordan died to save the newborn from the shooting, while her husband was killed to protect her, her father Paul Zamrovsky He told NBC News.

“We think so [Andre] She protected her, she protected her child, and so on [Paul] We were able to survive, ”Zamrovsky told the store

Community members who volunteered to support Paul on Saturday said he wanted to honor the miracle he survived.

“Unfortunately his parents aren’t going to come here to celebrate his birthday with him, so we’re going to go ahead and make sure he has a great first year birthday,” said biker Eduardo Prieto, who rode the parade. Keviaie

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