June 5, 2023

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Fisher denied that he had spoken to the Justice League investigator

Fisher denied that he had spoken to the Justice League investigator

Ray Fisher in the Justice League Premier.

Ray Fisher in the Justice League Premier.
Photo: Erma McIntyre (Getty Images)

Recently, it was revealed that Ray Fisher is formally investigating his allegations regarding the behavior of Warner Bros. Jazz Vedan and Warner Bros. producers, especially DC author Geoff Johns. Justice League. Now, Warner Bros. has accused Fisher of failing to co-operate with an investigation, Fisher has denied.

Fisher charges Appeared in early July, When he condemned Vedon’s handling of the film on social media, he noted that the director had created a negative working environment with the help of producers Joan Berg, Geoff Johns and other unnamed Warner Bros. companies. In early August, Fisher shared that WarnerMedia, WB’s parent company, had chosen to launch an investigation using third-party investigators, based on interviews with the cast and crew on the film.

Now, Warner Bros. has released a statement Hollywood Reporter, Fisher allegedly failed to co-operate with the investigation and did not speak to a third-party investigator of Warner‌media. The announcement was a direct response to a tweet from Fisher yesterday claiming to be DC Phil’s president.ms, Walter Hamada, “I tried to get Joss Vedon and Joan Berg under the bus in the hope that I would regret Geoff Johns.”

A statement from Warner Bros. said in a statement that Hamada and Fisher’s account was incorrect. To some extent, it looks like this:

In July, Ray Fisher’s representatives asked DC Films President Walter Hamada to talk to Mr Fisher about his concerns during the production of “Justice League”. The two have spoken in the past when Mr Hamada asked to play a cyborg role again in Warner Bros. ‘Upcoming flash film along with other members of the Justice League. In their July conversation, Mr. Fisher explained his differences with the film’s creative team regarding his cyborg imagery and complained that he did not accept the suggested script revisions. Mr Hamada explained that creative differences are a normal part of the production process and that a film writer / director should ultimately be responsible for these things. In particular, Mr Hamada said he would take his problems with Mr Fisher to the Warner Media so they could investigate. Mr Fisher misrepresented the “Justice League” product or made any judgments about the “Justice League” product, as Mr. Hamada was not involved because the filming took place before Mr. . Hamada rose to his current position.

The rest of the statement stated that Fisher “insisted that Warner Media hire an independent third party investigator”, but, despite several attempts, Fisher “refused to speak with the investigator.”

Responding on his Twitter today, Fisher denied the allegations from Warner Bros., showing a screenshot of what appears to be an email sent on August 26 regarding a preliminary meeting with a researcher. According to Fisher, the email was sent to his colleagues and union officials at SAG-AFTRA. In an email, Fisher said:[The investigator]The case is being investigated by Warner Bros. Pictures. His research goes directly and completely to Warner Bros. Pictures Legal. He also had another man on the line unknown to us. I told myself I should have a representative as security. “

Because of his concerns, Fisher has not met with the researcher since. Considering his ongoing work with Warner Bros. Pictures, as revealed by THR, the upcoming guest role Flash The film, the desire to have a union representative — a simple and legally enforceable request for a union employee to speak with their employer — makes sense.

He also shared a video, initially posted on August 21, explaining his intention to vet a third-party investigator appointed to determine their ability to conduct a fair investigation. This investigation has not yet met Fisher standards.

The problem here is also complicated by the fact that Warner Bros. is trying to market a new version Justice League—Jack Snyder, the film’s original director, originally dropped out of the project with the Snyder cut version, revised and new special effects. Personal family tragedy. The film is set to release in 2021 in four parts. Fisher did not attend WB’s DC Phantom event and had only a limited involvement in promoting the film.

We joined Warner Bros. for SAG-AFTRA for clarity and clarity on its involvement. We will update this post if we hear back.

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