May 19, 2024

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[VIDÉO] Private in health: Christian Dubey interrupted by CSN presenters

[VIDÉO] Private in health: Christian Dubey interrupted by CSN presenters

CSN union members protested against private health care, forcing Minister Christian Dubé and the newest boss of Santé Quebec to temporarily stop participating in an event Thursday morning.

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The event took place as part of the premier Ligne en Sante event in Montreal, attended by Genevieve Biron, president and CEO of Sante Quebec Agency, along with the Minister of Health.

After the arrival of the performers, Mr. Dubé had to leave the stage, Biran attended the event. They returned after about twenty minutes for the minister to finish his opening speech.

CSN union members are concerned about the message sent by the appointment of Genevieve Biron, the former boss of the Biron Group, a private company in the medical sector.

“It is important to send a strong message this morning to Minister Dubé and the newly appointed CEO of Agence Santé Quebec about the serious concerns we have raised on several occasions regarding the risk of privatizing our public health. and a network of social services,” says Ariane Carmel-Pelosse, vice-president of the Central Council of Metropolitan Montreal-CSN.

“We respect the right to demonstrate,” Minister Dubey declared in writing.

“Our goal with the health plan is to improve access and become the employer of choice. Let us be clear: private healthcare must be complementary to the public network while respecting universality and free care,” he added.

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