May 23, 2024

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More taxes for more services: Disillusioned

More taxes for more services: Disillusioned

We hear it many times from governments: we create a special tax or a special contribution by promising that the money will “really” go to improving services in a particular area. Nowadays, the argument is used in the issue of public transport.

A government wants to swallow the tax hike pill with a catchy name. He took refuge behind the promise that the new revenues would be earmarked to improve the flawed public service. Big politics! Putting a magnifying glass on the expected result to increase the profit in the hope that the original cost will be forgotten…

The Leger poll has just demonstrated the extent to which these political efforts are failing. “Are you in favor of paying more taxes to improve the quality of government services?” 84% answered the question. Only 10% said they believed it. Even among voters of Quebec Solidaire, the party most in favor of increasing the role of the state, 23% are willing to pay, while 68% reject the idea.

Too taxed

The survey generally shows that three-quarters of taxpayers do not get value for their money in public services compared to the taxes they pay.

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So the citizen/voter/taxpayer understands that the magical idea of ​​adding more money to state structures does not guarantee better services. The state is a machine for spending, adding employees and making procedures more complex. It is very easy to inject more money without noticing any difference in the services received by the citizen.

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I have a good, recent example in mind: health cooperation. Irritated by the global financial crisis, the Liberal government of Jean Charest added this line to the tax report in 2010: Every taxpayer with a minimum income must pay $25 the first year, $100 the second, then $200.

Ultimately, the new tax will bring in $1 billion a year that will be invested in the health network. During their time in power, the PQ changed the health contribution to make it more progressive, taking income into account. After returning to power, the Liberals committed to repealing it, which happened in 2018.

Archive photo, QMI Agency

the lies

Taxpayers paid this health contribution from 2010 to 2018. The promise, the oath, the spit, the money dedicated to improving the health network. Does anyone remember being in good health during those eight years? A funny shower…

Health co-op is just a political marketing excuse to charge a little more tax by relying on the great cause of health care.

Notice to those who dream of special contribution for public transport. No more taxes to provide you with more services, the population no longer trusts it. To manage!

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