March 25, 2023

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Gaming: Partner Ubisoft – Axi Infinity – TheCoinTribune

A digital board game based on Ethereum, Oxy Infinity offers a clever mix of Pokemon and Tamagotchila, from which its inspiration comes. With a total of 18,590 active users last month, it remains the most popular game according to Doprodor data. Its growing number of users has also pushed the game’s designers Prepare an extension for Ethereum without further encircling it. Selecting the development of the new channel as a solution, this task was entrusted to the game publisher Ubisoft. It therefore serves as a validator for a game sidechain called Ronin.


Sidechain designed to satisfy a growing number of customers

With Ronin, Axi is infinite Transfers shares to a second connected blockchain Ethereum still allows to disperse. The first challenge that Sidechain responds to is the growing number of users, however It also speeds up the gaming experience. This feature has already been successfully tested in the last private test ించినnet where the game was launched and is expected to expand to the public soon. Anger Ubisoft, Axi is infinite Other validators have also been called in to start the sidechain.

In addition to these Crypto Exchange Finance, Game Publisher Animoka Brands, Non-Fungal Token Data Provider and Blockchain Infrastructure Company SPARQ. These are all validators Accepting transactions involving the Ronin sidechain is a daunting task Whether it is reception or sending. Added to this are some administrative tasks related to the upgrade of the pricing system and the performance of the ecosystemAxi is infinite. According to the official statement, Ronin is also expected to bring evidence of a sidechain stake and other Layer 2 solutions.

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Ubisoft: A clear choice for Axi Infinity

The game editor boasts of relying on its dashboard Large traditional game franchises like Assassin’s Creed and Just Dance. It still is today Blackchain is the most active publisher in the world With partnerships that speak for themselves. Developed on Ultra Digital Game Store, EOS, Toys Among the projects where Ubisoft’s features as community validators are appreciated.

With its program Entrepreneur Lab, Also the publisher Projects such as SkyMavis, Sorare and Splinter‌lands have been launched to benefit from both technical and transportation support. In June, he started his own game Rabbits token, Has similarities to it Cryptococci And whose profits are used for charitable purposes.


Editor of Assassin’s Creed confirms deals for Oxy Infinity’s new sidechain, allowing it to adapt to a greater number of players.

The increase in the number of Oxy Infinity users not only contributes to the problems, but also signifies significant revenue for the game.