February 23, 2024

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DOCIS: Vaccines for caregivers begin Saturday, January 9th

The diocesan situation on the face of the Kovid-19 epidemic is worrying. ” These figures are lower than what we experienced in early November, but the positivity rate started to rise again last week ”, Dowy directs the mayor of Frederick Chero.

True, this rate has risen from 6.67% on holidays to 9% in recent days. “There have been a lot of tests before Christmas off the holiday. This week, the number of tests is declining but the positivity rate is rising. It is worrying.” In total, 2,058 PCR tests were performed on the CPTS territory of the Grand Dow, including city laboratories and hospital laboratories, and 184 were confirmed to be positive. Statistics tell the Dow mayor “In the daisies, we’re always very high and the indicators there were higher than the regional average. We were close to 150 to 200, knowing we were on alert from 150.”. In the case of the Dowie Hospital Center, the situation is stable compared to the conditions experienced by the health establishment in recent weeks. Kovid fielded 43 people in the hospital and six in intensive care. The future management of the vaccine campaign will now focus on the efforts of those responsible. ” The vaccination campaign for nursing home residents will begin nationally on Monday, January 18, so Dowsis is concerned“, Says Frederick Chero. There is also the question of vaccinating city doctors over the age of 50. ” We are going to look at how this support can be maintained for these health professionals at the time of vaccination in nursing homes.“Underline the mayor. About fifty city general practitioners are concerned.

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Ordinary people in February

For the general public, it is necessary to wait until mid-February in hopes of receiving an injection. Until then, Doug Meyer “We want to quickly set up a meeting with the CCAS, the primary health insurance fund, the municipal police, the CPTS so that the general public can be coordinated and vaccinated.”«

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