December 8, 2022

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Major, the deadly Biden dog, returns to school

Major, the deadly Biden dog, returns to school

(Washington) Major, Biden couple’s mayhem German Shepherd is leaving the White House again, this time to follow a course intended to help him behave better in his performance as presidential dog.

France Media Agency

First Lady Jill Biden spokeswoman Michael Larosa said the Major will receive additional training to adjust her life in the White House.

This training should last a few weeks.

Getting used to the residence of the US President was not easy for the young and enthusiastic German Shepherd, who adopted Biden from the shelter.

In March, he was deported to his family home in the northeastern state of Delaware after being bitten inside the White House.

President Biden told ABC News that his four-legged partner had adopted an overly defensive stance in his new, always-crowded environment.

The Major had already been trained to rectify the situation, apparently not enough.

Despite his departure, the White House is on guard: Champ, the presidential couple’s other German Shepherd, old and intelligent, stays well with his masters in Washington.

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