May 18, 2022

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The season is over for Rafael Lessard: “It’s Bored of Evil” | Sports | The sun

The season is over for Rafael Lessard: "It's Bored of Evil" |  Sports |  The sun

In his second season in the series, Lessard did not run with peace of mind. After successfully completing the first one, it ended in haste since the calendar started in 2020.

“In the last three races, I do not know what’s going to happen next and what’s going to happen. You see it rolling in your face and you can do nothing. This is not the way I want to end up, especially since we have a good team. We are unfortunate in some races, but we have a lot of speed.”

He finished eighth in Kansas this weekend, his second Top-10 pick of the season. He finished third on clay in Bristol‌ at the end of March, his best result if not getting an invitation to another start in 2021.

“I want to put my hand up, but for now, I’m going to take a step back and mentally rebuild a little bit. I’m still in North Carolina. [à Mooresville] And I look for options, but if nothing else, I will come back home. One thing is for sure, if I run, it’s not with my money, because we have nothing left to continue with, ”added the man, who did not rule out the idea of ​​doing local races if offered a racing car.

As soon as he decides to return home, a job awaits him on the FRL Express, a family transport company in St. Joseph.

“It’s not my plan A, or my B or C … my parents were comfortable and they helped me early in my career, but we did not have the millions to financially assist my position at Nasscar, as some pilots could. The goal is to allow me to focus not only on driving, but also to make people feel free to do whatever they want with their money, ”he wisely said.

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2022 dream

As the 2021 season is now rising with smoke, he dreams of being able to fight for the 2022 NASCAR Pickup Truck Series Championship.

“I want to show them what I can do, but right now, I can not even make a plan because I do not have the money,” said one man, who especially admired the solidarity of his team, especially his manager. The team and his mechanic, who was sad to see him put his steering wheel away.

“GMS Racink gave me as much time as possible. We want to continue. I learned a lot from them. I became a good pilot. I worked with Pros for two years and no one could take it away from me.”