May 24, 2022

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Stanley Cup Final | No public broadcast was held in Montreal

Stanley Cup Final |  No public broadcast was held in Montreal

(Montreal) During the Montreal Canadians’ first game in the Stanley Cup Final since 1993, there is still no organized public venue downtown.

Last Friday morning, the day after the Canadians qualified for the Stanley Cup final, Montreal Mayor Valerie Plante said she should be able to host an outdoor game broadcast.

In Game 6 of the first round series against the Toronto Maple Leafs, spectators gathered outside the arena as Bell was able to greet spectators inside the center. However, these individuals have only a limited view of the giant screen through the window of the restaurant law cage.

In addition, supporters celebrating the exploits of Saint-Flannelle are entangled with each other in defiance of physical distance instructions. This quest is all the more worrying as most of them are not wearing a mask.

In this regard, the Regional Director of Public Health in Montreal, dBack Mylan Drouin expressed his concern after a sudden celebration of a national holiday evening in the city center.

In an email exchange reported by Radio-Canada on Friday, dBack Drouin recalled that the virus was still circulating, including the so-called “more contagious” delta variant.

Photo by Martin Chamberland, Press Archives

Regional Director of Public Health of Montreal, dBack Mylan Droin

Public health experts urged supporters to limit themselves to small groups and respect physical distance. She also took the opportunity to strongly encourage the population to be vaccinated.

Meyers said the project should collaborate with the Quebec government, public health and the CH group to resolve the issue of contingency meetings and allow a safer celebration.

According to health indicators provided at the Green Alert level, from Monday across Quebec, we will be able to accommodate up to 3,500 people seated in open amphitheaters. Festivals and large outdoor events are also allowed “At this time the audience is standing or sitting without an allotted seat. […] Primary health activities and other activities related to these events are respected.

On Sunday afternoon, 24 hours before the start of the final series between Canadians and Tampa Bay Lightning, the Montreal Mayor’s Office said in an email that there was “no new information to share” in this folder.

The opening match for the Stanley Cup Final Series will take place on Monday night, just after 8pm, on the ice at the Amali Arena in Tampa, Fla.

On behalf of the CH Group, Paul Wilson, Senior Vice President for Public Affairs and Communications, wrote that “if public health officials approve these programs, they are ready to facilitate negotiations with the Canadian League.” Among the people of the national hockey team for the right to broadcast.

Paul Wilson said he provided various supplier contacts to the Canadian city to hold these meetings.

In the summer of 2019, the Toronto Raptors held rallies on the streets of Montreal to watch the NBA Finals series games during the victory.

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