May 23, 2022

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Many school children (finally?) Removed the mask

Many school children (finally?) Removed the mask

Melina Fachin in Lunaville, Murthy-et-Moselle
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10:14 pm, 04 October 2021

Smile, smile, make faces … Until Monday, these expressions belong to a distant memory that the world does not have Kovid-19 For millions of elementary school students. But on Monday, School children in 47 low-contamination departments were able to hide the mask, Rather than their teachers will always have to wear. This is especially true for the Aisne, Corez, Manche and Pass-de-Kalis divisions. Europe 1 chose to travel to Luniville in Mతేrte-et-Moselle to observe the reactions of young and old.

Three weeks before the “not great” holidays?

Leandre, an 8-year-old in CE2 class, was so happy to finally get rid of his mask: “With the mask, it’s so good we breathed so well,” the boy said, relieved. “Sometimes we can not hear what we are saying and then we can see others better.” “That, under the nose all day, for adults, it’s already complicated … I think kids are brave,” Lyons said of Grandma Mary.

In this establishment, many parents are more mixed about the relief of these barriers. “For them, yes, it’s good, three weeks before the school holidays, it’s not great,” I thought after the loose Priscilla, the mother of a family. “In class, in the limit, sitting in their chair alone does not bother me. When they move and are in touch with others, it should still be kept,” said another mother advocate Cassandra. “If it’s supposed to be delivered within 15 days, it’s not even worth it.”

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Barrier gestures are still needed

To be safe, all the children in this primary school had a saliva test on Monday morning. Not because you don’t have a mask to relax on: to allay Cassandra and other parental fears, hand washing and restraint gestures are always necessary.