March 21, 2023

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Reform of Act 101 | Francophones outside Quebec threaten English Canada opposition

Reform of Act 101 |  Francophones outside Quebec threaten English Canada opposition

The (Quebec) Federation of Francophone and Accordion Communities (FCFA) fears that the constitutional goals embodied in the French version of the Charter will create “anti-Francophony sentiment” in the rest of Canada.

Hugo Pylon-Laros

Hugo Pylon-Laros

In Bill 96, public hearings close on Thursday, with Simon Jolin-Barrett, the minister responsible for the French language, planning to unilaterally establish. Constitutional Act, 1867 Cubans form a common language, French. “What we understand from our initial analysis is that, in fact, Quebec has the right to amend some part of the constitution,” Federal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said last spring.

At a parliamentary committee meeting on Thursday, FCFA President Leon Roy stressed that Acadians and Francophones outside Quebec recognize the Quebec country, as well as its ability to act constitutionally, but that they fear “everywhere” in the country. .

“We have seen so much in the past that when you use a little more power, it’s splashed everywhere. In the case of the constitution, it is important to do so with other regions and other provinces and territories in mind,” she said. The Federation wants.

Jolin-Barrett blamed Ottawa

According to Simon Jolin-Barrett, the federal government was to blame for not adequately protecting the French language outside of Quebec.

“It’s like walking on egg shells [et qu’il] We should not work too hard because we can shock other people in the Canadian Federation. This came as a shock to me as we realized that if Quebec wanted to preserve the French language in Canada, we risked retaliation against the rest of the Francophone communities in Canada.

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“The role of the federal government is to protect the Francophone minorities and [acadiennes] Throughout [au Canada]. It is unacceptable that the federal government has not done this for years and the resources have not been given to the various sections, ”he said.