May 27, 2023

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“Belaili has at least the same effect as Mahrez”

"Belaili has at least the same effect as Mahrez"

At FAF TV’s microphone, national coach Jamel Belmadi wanted to conduct a large membership review at the end of the dual opposition on Niger. An opportunity to recall the significant importance that one of his executives has had since Yusuf Beloili took over as Greens head in August 2018.

Two games, two wins, ten goals scored and one goal conceded, which is EN’s flattery record at the end of this international break. Successful internship was especially helpful when it came to Blida (6-1) (once again) through the collaboration of Yusuf Beloili. Founded in Niamey, Qatar SC’s playmaker is determined by his ball catches, his gestures are excellent and Mahrez and Baunedza are often motivated again to provide ideal conditions to score against the opponent’s defense.

Man of the Match Former Angers player received the best score (8) by our editorial staff. National Coach Jamel Belmadi Rank Performance at FAF TV’s Microphone Yousef (Beloili), like Riyadh and Islam, is one of the only players to confirm their importance after the FIFA date, only the FIFA date. It’s not surprising anymore, and it’s never to me.i⁇.

“These are players who are proud of their work and team results .

A solid tribute to one of the most influential players in the selection with a distribution of 5 goals and 15 assists since returning to selection in November 2018 under the direction of Jamel Belmady. A leading character is the period of success experienced by EN, which allows the coach to express his opinion by highlighting the role played by the team’s executives, of which Yusuf Bailey is a part, as well as Islam Slimani or Riyad Mahrez. Collective sympathy for a narrative on the interest shown by the Greens captain in an in-depth study of Jamel Belmadi statistics: “EIn terms of statistics, Riyadh has been impressive with ten goals in its last ten games. Riyadh is the king of statistics. He focused on looking at the statistics all day, some of which we could not imagine. “

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Revealed in a documentary produced by BeanSports in the summer of 2019, Greens’ success was also built on the return of ES Tunis-approved metronome. The return of Beloi (who was requested before assuming the Belmadi throne in the August 2018 selection) to return to the project foundations undertaken by the current coach of Algeria. Since then mutual trust has brought joy not only to Algerian supporters but also to Jamel Belmadi. In the next current unbeaten series Oran wanted to recall the main role the local played on the field.

I heard about the fact that there was Riyad Mahrez, the Manchester City player on the right side of us, he was definitely the main player on this team; But we also have Youssef Beloili, who has at least the same effect as Riyadh. It should be pointed out. They do not play for the same club but what interests me is the national team. It will have the same effect on the national team. I take off my hat for all of them మా Belmady announces the conclusion of a strong training tribute to all his players at the end of the training course where the main objectives of EN have been fulfilled.