May 24, 2022

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University of Ottawa “must” protect freedom of education and expression

University of Ottawa Rector, Jacques Fremont, Appealed to the former judge Leading the Think Tank to resolve disputes surrounding the University of Ottawa since the fall of 2020.

Mr. Fremont condemned the use“Word in n” by Professor Verushka Lieutenant-Duval In one of its courses, but not denied Anti-Quebec comments Twitter Professor Amir Attaran, Which brought him many criticisms.

Mr. Bastara was instructed to meet with the University community to seek their views on recent controversies surrounding the University of Ottawa.

Suggested to set up Confirms the need to protect Freedom of education and freedom of expression to ensure the fulfillment of its teaching and research mandate. The report does not agree with the exclusion of terms, writings or ideas from the university context and from an academic perspective.

The committee is not in favor of institutional censorship or self-censorship when there is a possibility of compromising the dissemination of knowledge and public dissent is fueled by fear., Can we read in a 39 page document.

The university is the equivalent of a conflict of freedom and thought, which should ideally allow the discovery of truth. This does not mean that the university is open to all ideological and propaganda arguments.

A quote from:Extract from Committee Report

Even the authors of the report Students and members of the university community are of the opinion that a sensitive subject should be prepared to deal with a situation [universitaire], Stating that advance notice is useful In some circumstances.

According to another recommendation made by Mr. Bastara and five professors from the University of Ottawa who formed the committee, University community members should be assured of the University’s support when their right to expression is compromised.

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As an introduction, the authors of the report mention this Many professors said they had been brutally attacked by students for expressing their views, but the deans and other members of the administration refused to intervene..

The committee suggested that the university community be better informed about educational freedom and freedom of expression and mechanisms for handling complaints.

Other recommendations in the report include setting up a standing committee to review and implement policy on freedom of expression and freedom of expression, setting up a training program and better control over faculty diversity and inclusion consultation and cyber bullying.

The report also proposes to develop an action plan to combat racism, discrimination and cyberstalking.

In addition to Mr. Bastara, the committee is made up of Ottawa University professors Tansey Etro-Beco, Jude Marie Senate, Alireza Jalali, Jonathan Pacquete and Sophie Theriolt.

It began its work in April 2021 and conducted two rounds of consultations with the university community and collected more than 100 briefs, especially from faculty members and students.

The Rector seeks to place recommendations

Jacques Fremont, rector of the University of Ottawa, pledged to keep the seven recommendations in the report, but agreed that some could take longer than others.

We have a report that awaits, in difficult situations compared to situations that are not clear, suggests possible solutions, operating ways that really allow to exemplify freedom of education., He he said.

He opined that the report was in line with the position he had held since the beginning of the controversy over freedom of education: No forbidden words, no forbidden deeds.

The report recalls that there have been tensions in some areas, such as academic freedom and especially the fight against diversity, equality and racism., He adds.

The self-censorship cases in the company are a failure. Fremont also confirmed. However, he sometimes believes Treat things differently.

All must be confronted, but the report says we must also be careful, He manages. A plea for change in university culture.

The report is due to be submitted to the University Senate on November 22.

Reassured teachers

Professor Charles Le Blanc of the Department of Philosophy at the University of Ottawa welcomed the report, including the recommendation of the Standing Committee to review and implement a policy on academic freedom and freedom of expression that receives complaints and concerns in this regard.

This is one of the weakest links in the Lieutenant-Duval affair, we do not really know which foot to dance on to apply the rules., He explains.

Mr. Le Blanc is also in favor of better control of cyberbullying Because teachers are being bullied on social networks.

The recommendations in the report make good sense and I believe they should establish a broad consensus.

A quote from:Charles Le Blanc is a full-time professor of philosophy at the University of Ottawa

The Committee fully understands what educational freedom is and the importance of preserving it in our organization., Was predicted by Professor Maxim Provost, a full-time professor in the French department of the Ottawa Foundation. If we read between the lines, we are trying to rectify the problematic and unfair situation.

It assures us, For his part, began his career as a professor in the Department of History at the University of Ottawa, Pierre Anktil. The crisis we faced a few months ago created a lot of insecurity among teachers, a lot of self-censorship.

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He believes in restoring university and academic liberties and enhancing the value of minorities.

The report trusts teachers to ensure the relevance of the use of specific terms […] To continue the discussion that allows the search for truth for educational purposes, the search for a safe situation at the scientific level, He argues.

A woman gives a teleconference interview.

Edin Grand-Pierre, student in civil law and international development and globalization at the University of Ottawa

Photo: Radio-Canada / Screenshot

Student in 4thE The Year in Civil Law and International Development and Globalization at the University of Ottawa, Edynne has a subtle place in the Grand-Pierre Report.

She urged professors to be careful about using certain rules, while advocating academic freedom.

Adherence to the argument of freedom of expression and the ability of educational institutions to use these terms and to be responsible for the harm they cause to society and to individuals of affected minorities. A weighty argument to digest though, She said, occasionally proposed in favor.

The student welcomed that the report called for the sensitivity of certain groups to be taken into account, for example, warning that sensitive material could be explained. It also endorses the recommendation to set up a training and consultation program on diversity and inclusion for teachers.

The presence of these recommendations in the report is somewhat alarming. […] I have found that this is one of the best solutions to go in the right direction.

With information from Nafi Alibert, Estelle Côté-Sroka and Remi Authier