March 21, 2023

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Reform on official languages ​​by February?

Reform on official languages ​​by February?

The Liberal government, which presented its legislative priorities in the pre-holiday session on Monday morning, did not include a revision of the Official Languages ​​Act among the first projects it intends to put into motion.

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Government House Leader Mark Hollande said it would be “approved as soon as possible” because it was a “priority” but could not provide a clear timeline.

The bill, first developed by Minister Melanie Jolie, was introduced at the last minute, just days before the end of parliamentary sessions in June, before it was wiped under the carpet with an election call.

The cabinet is reassuring

In the office of the Minister of Official Languages, Janet Petitpass Taylor, we guarantee that it will be resubmitted within 100 days of the swearing in of the Cabinet on October 26th. The deadline is February 3.

The deadline is not unrealistic, but Mrs. Petitpass Taylor is determined to keep her commitment.

The reform will have to slip into an agenda that already includes four projects to be adopted before the holidays: the establishment of a new transition aid linked to the COVID-19 epidemic, the protection of health workers from demonstrators, and a 10-day ban on paid sick leave and transplant treatment.

Regional or federal protection?

Bloc Québécois is seeking a bill that would force federal chartered companies to comply with Bill 101 instead of federal law, as currently provided.

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“What we expect from Ottawa is that it adequately protects the Francophone and Acadian communities and prevents Quebec’s desire to apply the French language charter to businesses within federal jurisdiction,” said Mario Bouleu, a spokesman for the Languages ​​Bloc.

The reform proposed in June includes recognizing French as the official language of Quebec, recognizing the right to work in French in the Federal Public Service, increasing the powers of the Commissioner of Official Languages, and appointing bilingual judges. Supreme Court.

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