November 27, 2022

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Deconfinement, Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day, Winners Trio for Merchants

Deconfinement, Super Bowl, Valentine's Day, Winners Trio for Merchants

Deconfinement, Super Bowl and Valentine’s are the most lucrative combination this weekend.

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The Boufment Bon team in Chikoutimi-Nord prepares half a ton of chicken wings this week. For the Super Bowl it was double last year and probably the best week in seven years for the owners.

It’s warming up in the kitchen at Chez Bouffement Bon. The employee, Isabelle Deszardins, sees a lot of chicken wings and she dreams about them at night.

“That’s how it is when you take blueberries in the summer, but I look at the chicken wings,” she explained with a smile.

The telephone will not ring at this caterer, which specializes in prepared meals and butchery products, as Quebec has announced that it has relaxed its restrictions on meetings at home.

“People call us, they feel like there is no limit. Bring two kilos, says it’s okay. I invite a lot of people. We celebrate detention. It’s a pleasure, “said Sandra Tremble, co-owner of the business.

“When the government announced the detention and when they announced that by Saturday, we could invite as many people as we wanted in the house, the phone started ringing, Ms. Tremblay said,” We ordered 200kg, we have now reached 500kg. We are going to make 500kg chicken wings for Sunday. ” I think we will go beyond Christmas.

In any case, the employee is not idle starting with its co-owner. “My spouse started cooking them yesterday because the fryer doesn’t stop all day or tomorrow and not even on Sunday. Big rush. We did not expect, but we will take what happens, ”she explained.

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The championship game is good even in restaurants. “It’s great to welcome people in groups again through the Super Bowl,” said Felix Sward, manager of restaurant-bar Le Stade de Chikoutimi.

At its founding, 120 venues with authority found takers for Sunday’s match.

“Although we’re going to honor 50% of the capacity, people can no longer group again. It’s improving the atmosphere. We’re very happy. These are the steps forward, Felix Saward believes. Makes for Sports Day.

For some restaurants, American football is once again a good investment, while for others it’s Valentine’s lovers, who sit at their tables until Monday evening, when reservations are high.