December 6, 2022

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$ 21 million deal on Grande Alley

$ 21 million deal on Grande Alley

Les Apartments Chateau St.-Louis Building, 135 Grande Alley Owest, Quebec City, was purchased by Society immobilizer Belanger following a $ 21 million transaction.

This is the building where the novelist Gabriel Roy once lived. According to the city of Quebec, this 1925 structure has a high heritage value.

Chato St.-Louis, with its 11 floors and 135 apartments, was the first high-density apartment building in the Montcolm district and only until the 1960s.

Douglas Cohen and Jonathan Cohen, sellers from the Montreal area, presided over the deal with a number of companies. This is the second major acquisition on Grande Alley for the Society’s immobilizer banger, headquartered in Quebec.

“In analysis mode”

Last July, the company acquired Le Claridge, which also has heritage value. Claridge Chatto is a few hundred meters from St. Louis.

“In the case of Chato St.-Louis, this is not the building we have been negotiating for a long time, yet we have been dreaming of buying it for a long time,” said Sebastian Dion, director of the Acquisition Department. Society Immobilizer Belanger.

“In particular, the plans of this building are intended to restore its former glory. This is a building in good condition, but we want to renovate it and refresh it. Currently, we are in analysis mode. ⁇

The H-shaped structure, to give more light to the residents, goes to the Herald Featherston Hog. “The ornate motifs of Chato St.-Louis attract both medieval architecture and English Baroque”, the site dictates on its site.

With 3,000 rental apartments in Quebec City and Montreal, the Society continues to expand its immobilizer balancer.

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