May 22, 2022

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“Love is in the meadow” fans were surprised and disappointed to learn that these two candidates had split up

"Love is in the meadow" fans were surprised and disappointed to learn that these two candidates had split up

Recent episode of Love is in the grassAired on March 31st, many people were surprised to learn that one of their favorite couples had split up.

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On this occasion, Catherine Lewak met the candidates to hear from them shortly after filming. While viewers were happy that some couples were still wandering around with sheer joy, they were also disappointed to learn that the two candidates who formed the beloved couple were no longer together. It’s about Marika and Edward, though, who were very happy together on the last trip.

True, in a solo meeting with the host, Marica explained that things did not go the way she had hoped when they returned to Quebec. Although her new lover became hers, she chose to end their relationship.

“I had to make a decision for myself, because I’m not happy about it. You say: ” Look in the South, he’s the man of your life and the father of my children ”, but in the meantime, there have been small cuts and I felt a little less – even there. Listening to each other. I think I have the strength to listen to what I have to say and make the right choices for myself, ”she told Catherine Lewak, who is not hiding in shock.

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On social networks, internet users are very sad to find out that this couple is no longer one. They sent a lot of love to Marika, but also to Edward, because we knew it would not be so easy to break up!

As for the other farmers, Denise, Joe and Luca found love on reality TV, but unfortunately this was not the case with Mark-Antoine.

Keep in mind that next week’s episode, the last of the season, is very special: on April 7, we will be entitled to a special episode highlighting 10 years of reality TV. So we can find our favorite couples we have known for many years. Hosts of previous seasons, Mary-Eve Janvier will also be attending this special reunion.

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