November 27, 2022

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The U.S. government is appealing for the abolition of mandatory wearing of masks in transit

The U.S. government is appealing for the abolition of mandatory wearing of masks in transit

The U.S. government announced on Wednesday that it was appealing a court decision earlier this week to lift the mandatory wearing of masks on public transportation in the United States.

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The Justice Department said it would wait for the opinion of the country’s leading federal health agency, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), before making a decision.

The CDC finally asked him to appeal on Wednesday, believing that wearing a mandatory mask in transit was “necessary for public health” against Kovid-19.

“In light of the CDC’s assessment (…), the Department of Justice has initiated an appeal process,” said Anthony Collie, a spokesman for the U.S. Department of Justice.

The appeal came two days after a federal judge ruled that health officials had violated their privileges by wearing a mask on transportation, for example on planes, trains or even buses.

In the process, the country’s major airlines have dropped the mask limit, followed by VTC companies such as the rail company Amtrak or Uber.

Some officials are concerned that the CDC’s authority could be diminished in the future if the action taken by a Florida magistrate is left unaddressed.

But a call from the US government could complicate the situation and create tension for travelers when it is already difficult to honor the obligation to wear a mask if it is finally restored.

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Wearing a mask is a very sensitive issue, especially for stewards and flight attendants, many passengers have had to deal with reluctantly for two years, some of which have turned violent. The FAA, the agency responsible for air transport safety in the United States, has reported 744 incidents of masks since the beginning of the year.

“At this point, the CDC believes that the order requiring the wearing of masks inside the house during transport is necessary for public health,” they wrote in a press release.

“As we have already said, wearing a mask brings benefit in areas that are very congested and poorly ventilated,” they said.

The health agency said it would continue to continuously assess the health condition to determine if such responsibility is necessary in the future.

Last week she decided to extend the obligation to wear a mask on public transport until at least May 3rd.

The United States is now again seeing an increase in the number of daily cases of Kovid-19, which is tied to Omicron’s BA.2 sub-variant.