September 26, 2023

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Young Canadian defensemen Baron, Harris and Guhle will want to stand out

Young Canadian defensemen Baron, Harris and Guhle will want to stand out

Buffalo – A wise man to predict how the Canadiens’ young defensemen will fare this season. The door is open behind veterans Joel Edmondson, David Savard and Michael Matheson.

Even as Montreal’s organization goes through a rebuilding period, leaders may experience episodes of vertigo as they observe the inexperience of the defensive brigade.

Justin Barron, Jordan Harris, Kaiden Guhle, Gianni Fairbrother and Arber Shekaz will all be looking to give them assurance this season.

So the Habs staff will have to adjust its approach according to the development of this string of defenders. General manager Kent Hughes has already hinted that Laval might have stints with the Rockets to strengthen some aspects of their game. There may be some variation in management from one athlete to another.

Not to mention Corey Schuneman and Chris Wideman who want to play as many NHL games as possible.

The rivalry between the brothers began with the first game of the rookie tournament in Buffalo on Thursday night.

“This is a great opportunity to assert themselves in front of the leaders and against the youngsters of their age. There are no ten-year veterans in the NHL. It is clear that it starts with these games,” admitted coach Jean-Francois Houle, who oversees the 26 players appointed for the event.

“These are assessments that look good even if they are not the real side,” he added.

Of the batch of young defensemen, Barron seems the least thrilled about working with the Rockets. Not to say anything against the city of Laval, Barron has a sense of having proven himself…

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