November 28, 2022

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Why is PC Gaming so popular these days?

Video Games have been through a sea of changes since their emergence with mobile gaming and console gaming being the latest forms of evolution but something that still rules the world of Gaming is PC Gaming. Following are the reasons for explaining this craze of PC Gaming amongst people:

Better customization

PC Gaming always books space for a scope of improvement of customization or upgradation of the device for a better gaming experience. On the other hand, Consoles and High-end mobile devices may offer great upgradation but are not fit for improving the performance any further. Thus, in a way, they have a limited capacity when it comes to upgrading the device.

Better Graphics

Graphics are one of the essential components that determine your Gaming experience. Gaming consoles as well as mobile games come with fantastic 3D graphics but if you want to increase the graphic performance on these devices would be a futile effort. However, the same can be easily done on Pc by getting an additional GPU. Further, the popularity of PC Gaming is forcing Game developers to develop games with better graphics for PC.

Multiple gaming options to choose from

There are thousands of games available on mobiles and consoles, however, PC Gaming wins the race as it has full-fledged online stores that produce online games only and sometimes the mobile and console games can also be played on PC. Hence, it provides you with a wide array of gaming options to choose from. The major upgrade of graphics and UX over the last few years also forced several industries like the casino industry to go online to get to their target audience. Thailand being one of the gaming hubs has adopted this trend along with several other Asian countries. Popular games like online roulette, known in Thailand as รูเล็ตออนไลน์, are loved all over the region as well. Thai roulette players love these online sites as they can play the game 24/7, unlike offline casinos. Moreover, with bonuses and tons of safe sites to choose from, they get a seamless gaming experience and better chances of winning the game.

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Life-like experience

It is a well-established fact that gamers’ first preference has always been PC gaming over mobile or consoles. Well, it is because of the screen size that makes the gaming experience almost life-like. Further, the dedicated GPU on PC supports features like shadow effects and real-time ray tracing which takes the gaming experience to another level. On the other hand, mobiles require specific VR heads for having that life-like experience which translates into money wastage.

Backward compatibility

Better backward compatibility means a chance to play both old and new games because there is no restraint of version or compulsory updates as it is with mobile or consoles. Though the PlayStations are constantly trying to improve their backward compatibility to provide its users with a variety of gaming it is nothing as compared to PC Gaming.

Better when it comes to investing money

Let’s take a period of say 10 years, most of the gaming consoles or mobiles will become outdated in such a long period. Buying or getting a PC might be a bit expensive as compared to mobile phones but at the same time, it will last longer than a decade as it can be easily customized and updated according to your needs. Thus, it becomes a good option for investment.

Better control

Mobile Phones or on-screen gaming offer very limited controls thus it becomes difficult to master and win games on mobile phones. The PC comes with a mouse and keyboard that enables better control no matter how many functions in a particular game. Thus, the people who play games professionally always opt for PC Gaming over mobile

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Getting Games on a PC is much cheaper

Getting games on consoles is a costly affair and the same is true of any premium game on mobile phones as well. However, thousands of games are available for free on PC. Further, there are many sales as well if you wish to purchase a premium game for PC and hence the same gaming experience can be created at a much lower cost. In today’s era, the PC is counted as a basic necessity. Thus, you would need a PC anyway. Thus, getting a PC build for gaming is always a good option due to its multiple utilities.

There are plenty of reasons that PC Gaming is getting popular amongst people. There are a few drawbacks as well like twitches while streaming or time required in updating drivers but at the same time, the internet is filled with plenty of resources as well to solve any such problem.