June 24, 2024

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A dozen gifts were given to Montreal newborns

A dozen gifts were given to Montreal newborns

For the first time in Quebec, all new parents in the city will be given a dozen essential products by the City of Montreal.

Starting January 1, parents of newborns can pick up a Welcome Baby Box at one of Montreal’s 45 libraries.

It is available for births as well as children under 12 months who are new to the metropolis and for adoption.

Valued at $200, the kit includes various essentials for baby’s arrival. The goods provided all come from Quebec suppliers who guarantee that they are ecological, safe, gender neutral and city-guaranteed.

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The establishment of the “Welcome Baby Box” is part of the election promises of Valérie Plante, who will run for a second term as the head of the city in 2021.

“We want to simplify the daily lives and wallets of Montreal families, promote more equal opportunities and strengthen the sense of belonging for toddlers,” Mayor Valérie Plante said Monday.

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Here are the items found in these boxes:

1. Scalable pants made by Mains Utils

2. A pool diaper made by Lea Cloth Diapers

3. These are the comforter made by Sur Toy

4. A wool picnic blanket by Petits-Mains

5. Petites-mains bath towel

6. A hand puppet made by Oistitine

7. Silicone bib made by Boutique Le Mechant Loup / Minica

8. Ola bamboo toothbrush

9. Raplapla Rattles

10. Treatment bag made by Beke-Bobo

11. A magnet that points to needed resources

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12. Complimentary ticket valid for 2 adults at Space for Life Museum (children under 4 enter free).

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