April 14, 2024

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A Florida resident found a crocodile pierced with two arrows on its side. Now a group of Crime Stoppers is looking for a suspect

The alligator was found Wednesday in Florida.

Gator was found by a pond near a house in Fort Myers, Florida, on Wednesday. A resident called the Lee County Sheriff’s office, according to Southwest Florida Crime Stoppers, which helps law enforcement in gathering information.

Apart from having an arrow on its side, the crocodile also has a rope wrapped around its snout and legs.

Crime Stoppers called the incident “an illegal act of cruelty to animals.”

Crocodile hunting is legal in some parts of the southeast, including in Florida. Nevertheless, a permission Needed. Hunting can only be done during the crocodile hunting season in the entire state, according to Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, starting on August 15 and ending on November 1.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission helps eliminate crocodiles from ponds, Crime Stoppers said.

The agency did not immediately respond to CNN’s comment requests.

Just one day after this crocodile was discovered, the Lee County Sheriff’s office announced a new Animal Cruelty task force, “educating the county about animal abuse and neglect and to enforce any and all laws relating to animal abuse,” according to an news release.
There are about 5 million crocodiles in the southeastern US, according to nonprofit conservation Wildlife Defenders. Of those, around 1.25 million live in Florida.

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