May 23, 2024

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A guard dog to protect customers at this Home Depot

A guard dog to protect customers at this Home Depot

A Home Depot in New York state deployed a guard dog to protect customers from aggressive shoplifters and some immigrants who were disturbing customers in the parking lot of a store.

This matter was reported by “New York Post”. Last Tuesday, a German shepherd was approached by two men wearing bulletproof vests while patrolling a Home Depot in New Rochelle, about 30 kilometers north of New York City.

“This is to ensure presence in the sector,” said one person. It's not like we let them bite anyone or anything. “

“It's not just because of immigrants, it's because of a lot of other things, like people getting into cars.”

Many planes

When a journalist from a Big Apple daily visited, the area was quiet. However, about ten kilometers away, at another Home Depot in the Bronx, about thirty people were milling around outside the store.

According to an employee, Home Depot often receives complaints from customers about the theft of cell phones or purses.

“You go out and you're a single woman, they literally throw themselves on your bandwagon,” she said. One time I was coming into work and there were a hundred people walking around.

Home Depot spokeswoman Margaret Smith said the company prohibits loitering and soliciting in its stores and works regularly with law enforcement. She did not mention security measures.

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