June 16, 2024

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A historic treaty to revolutionize agriculture – La Nouvelle Tribune

A historic treaty to revolutionize agriculture - La Nouvelle Tribune

the group OCP FurthermoreUnited States Agency for International Development (USAID) It recently entered into an ambitious partnership aimed at transforming the agricultural sector in Africa. The agreement, hailed as a historic initiative, is part of a general desire to overcome major barriers to the continent's agricultural potential.

As part of this partnership, the OCP Group Committed to investing $30 million to promote efficient use of fertilizers in sub-Saharan Africa. This investment is in addition to a $40 million contribution fromUSAID For project extension”Place to place“. This collaboration highlights a total envelope of $100 million aimed at significantly improving agricultural productivity in the continent.

Innovative programs for agriculture

This partnership has materialized through two flagship projects: “Place to place“and”Rock phosphate modification“.project”.Place to place» Uses accurate local soil and weather data to create a decision support tool that allows farmers to optimize the use of plant nutrient solutions. These solutions are specifically tailored to soil and crop needs, helping to improve soil health and increase yields in a sustainable manner.

Meanwhile, the “Rock Phosphate Amendment” project will focus on the application of phosphate rock and innovative nutrient formulas to impact crop yields and soil fertility. A decision support system will be developed to guide farmers in identifying the soils and crops most likely to benefit from this approach.

A solid collaboration

Samantha Power, USAID Administrator, during her visit to the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P), signed a cooperation agreement with the OCP Group. She highlighted the importance of this alliance in tackling the global food crisis by using geospatial technology to provide practical recommendations to farmers. The data collected will also form the basis for predictions and precise solutions aimed at improving agricultural yields.

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Mostafa Terrab, Chairman and CEO of OCP Group, expressed his satisfaction with this strengthened partnership. This collaboration will unlock the potential of African farmers, improve soil health and protect the environment to help feed not only Africa but the world.

A Lasting Impact

The agreement is expected to extend for at least four years, engaging other stakeholders and partners to advance these initiatives and encourage their adoption by farmers across the continent. These projects aim to bring tangible benefits to millions of African farmers, thereby strengthening food security and sustainable development in Africa.

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