April 18, 2024

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A loose ‘dangerous wildcat’ in London turns into a pet

A loose 'dangerous wildcat' in London turns into a pet

LONDON – A supposed “big cat” in London was sent to police on Monday for overdrive.

Scotland Yard dispatched armed police and helicopters after calls about the cat “living like a leopard or a leopard” in a Tony neighborhood known as the “Millionaires Row”.

The animal became someone’s pet.

“It’s so dramatic,” said one woman Said the Evening StandardHe added that “two police helicopters are on the upside”.

She was one of the people who called police after the cat suddenly sprouted from the bushes in her garden while sitting with her daughter.

“We were scared,” he told the Standard, adding to the stern police response, “at that point they had to think this was a dangerous wildcat.”

Authorities were down, however, when the cat was actually a pet hybrid savanna cat that escaped from a nearby garden.

“That animal is not like the pet I saw,” the frightened woman told the Standard.

Police confirmed that an armed wing had been dispatched, but stood down when it became clear that there was no danger to life.

Police at the scene

“There have been no reports of attacks or injuries to members of the public,” a spokesman said Told The Sun.

One local, Leon Grant, told the Standard the response was “confusing.”

“There was a police helicopter overhead and armed police and all sorts of loops,” he said. “It’s considered a big event.”

A savanna cat is a cross between an exotic African cervical and domesticated cat.

Bigger than regular pet cats and with strong hunting instincts, A website dedicated to race Insists that “there is no better family pet.”

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“With the energy and loyalty of a new puppy and the independence and awareness of the ideal home pet, the Savannah kitten is bred with everything,” the site says.

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