April 14, 2024

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About 50 rental children crashed into the hotel between the Corona virus

About 50 rental children crashed into the hotel between the Corona virus

Nearly 50 rented children from many countries, including the United States, are stuck in a hotel room in Ukraine and cannot be taken by their families during a disturbing Corona virus lock-in.

Staff at the Biotex Com Center for Human Reproduction in the capital, Kiev, are looking after 46 children who are crying as the country has completely closed its borders due to infection.

Children from the United States, England, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Portugal, China, Mexico and others According to the video, Developed explicitly to alleviate parental concerns and was published by the clinic on April 30.

A female voice describing the video said, “We’re showing kids online to parents, and our managers are making calls.”

“Parents need to tell us about how much their children eat, how they sleep, and what their weight is,” the video continues. “It’s heartbreaking to see how parents lose their children. We want them to be able to pick up their kids soon. “

An administrator who identifies himself as a marina said he cares for children 24 hours a day in a children’s room, [caretakers] Spend some time outdoors bathing with the kids. “

Doctors are also examining children, the video said.

“So don’t worry, your children’s health is in good hands,” the story says.

However, the clip warned the Ombudsman, Lieutmila Denizova, the right to the Ukrainian parliament. The Daily Mail reports.

“A video was circulated on social media and shared via the website of one of the Kiev clinics,” Denisova told the store. “It showed 46 children currently in one of the Kiev hotels. All of these children were born to surrogate mothers of citizens of various foreign states. “

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“This video confirms that the condition for delivering surrogate services by this clinic is mass and systematic, and that rental technologies are being advertised as a high quality commodity,” he added.

The center’s website “It’s no secret that rental programs are banned almost everywhere in Europe.”

“Egg donation is only permitted in a few countries, but often these programs do not provide the most favorable conditions (for patients and donors),” it says. In Ukraine, however, all these plans are completely legal. That is why Europeans seek medical help outside their home countries. “

Ukraine has become the hub for “legally conducting” programs such as hire and egg donation for “most citizens of Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the UK and other countries,” the website said.

According to Johns Hopkins University statistics, there were a total of 16,847 coronavirus cases and 456 deaths in Ukraine.

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