July 17, 2024

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Activists try to pull cars to the dealership

Activists try to pull cars to the dealership

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Clara Deskernings
The Canadian Press

Two environmental activists in blue uniforms drew yellow tape around four jeep Cherokees and a Grand Cherokee to “blockade” and “recall immediately.” One of them played a megaphone siren.

Activists called a tow truck to pick up cars, describing it as “the most polluted SUVs”.

A spokesman for the “Deputy Minister of Technology” and “Deputy Minister” Helen Tooz said the vehicles should be disposed of “as soon as possible because they pose a risk to public health”.

“We think it is very difficult to remove them from circulation” even when they are “in the wake of a climate crisis,” she said.

Store Financial Director Marvin Andrade intervened and the trove driver, unaware of the front staging, hit the automobiles.

Photo by Graham Hughes, Canadian Press

Speaking to activists, he said, “Everyone has the right to speak, but I do not think that doing such things is the right way to justify your cause. […] I respect your opinion, and you have the right to respect who we are ”.

MNN members left the scene about thirty minutes later without confusion, leaving their security cordon around the jeeps.

The Franకోois Legalt government plans to ban the sale of gasoline vehicles by 2035, a program that activists consider too late.

New General

The motto of the “new General Ministry” is “It is not normal to return to normalcy”. It is, according to MTo me Toze of the “Theatrical, Activist and Comedy Group” inspired by the discourse surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic

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We are saying “according to science, what our governments really need to do” and that is serious measures like the measures taken to tackle the health crisis.

Founded in the spring of 2020, MNN has 1,800 members on its Facebook page.

A special report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, published in 2018, warns that warming of 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels will create “severe sea events” and “droughts” along with “extinction of species.”

According to his estimates, this temperature should reach “between 2030 and 2052” if greenhouse gas emissions are not limited.

In a previous version of the text, we suggested that environmental activists were part of an extinct rebel group. Instead, activists are members of the “Ministry of the New Normal” (MNN).

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