June 24, 2024

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Air Canada: “Disruptive” passenger tries to open door mid-flight

Air Canada: "Disruptive" passenger tries to open door mid-flight

A “disruptive” passenger on an Air Canada flight between England and Toronto tried to open the door mid-flight on Sunday before crew members subdued him.

“The traveler, an old man, was in a state of crisis and confusion. His actions do not appear to be intentional,” Peel Regional Police told Global News on Monday.

During the day on Sunday, the crew of an Air Canada flight from London, England to land at Toronto's Pearson Airport at 3pm managed to restrain a “disruptive passenger” who tried to open one of the doors. The company said in a press release about the plane mid-flight, English-speaking media reported.

“No criminal charges have been filed. The individual and his family are in contact with additional resources,” Constable Tyler Bell-Morena told CBC Toronto.

After this incident, airlines were keen to point out that aircraft doors cannot be opened once in the air.

“The doors are designed to act as a plug that uses differences in internal and external air pressure to create a secure seal,” she said in writing, according to Global News.

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