June 24, 2024

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Amazon boss Jeff Bezos backs corporate tax hike

Amazon boss Jeff Bezos backs corporate tax hike

“We support the corporate tax hike,” Amazon founder Jeff Bezos assured his team Tuesday in a statement posted on Twitter, just days after Joe Biden complained that Amazon had not paid income tax.

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The American president wants to raise taxes on wealthy Americans and corporations, especially to finance a $ 2 trillion investment plan for infrastructure.

Criticizing “the world’s largest companies, including Amazon,” he assured last Wednesday that “there is nothing against millionaires and billionaires,” which “uses various legal means and pays not a single penny. Federal income tax”.

“We support the Joe Biden government’s vision of boldly investing in American infrastructure,” said Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man with a fortune of over $ 188 billion, according to Forbes.

The online ecommerce giant is in the running for a new Democratic administration, but for the past two years there have also been elected officials from both parties who have seen its enormous power over the American economy and enormous politics with a blurred view.

“We expect Congress and the government to come together for a better solution that is balanced and maintains or strengthens US competitiveness,” Mr Bezos said.

America’s second-largest employer will almost double its net profit to $ 21 billion in 2020, thanks to rising demand during the epidemic.

But political pressure is mounting to thwart the group in Seattle, Washington. Many federal officials are considering abusing dominance by Amazon and other tech giants.

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Joe Biden hired top anti-monopoly scholars and demonstrated his support for the Union-Building movement in a group warehouse in Alabama. If successful it will be the first for Amazon‌ in America.

The White House is expected to reduce its taxes to 28% when it cuts corporate taxes from 35% to 21% during the Donald Trump era.

According to him, it will give tr 1 trillion extra revenue to the state over 15 years.

“In 2019, in an independent analysis of 91, I emphasized, 91 (…) parts of the world’s largest companies, including Amazon, used various legal maneuvers and did not pay a single federal income in tax penny,” he lamented.

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