April 18, 2024

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American believers see the corona virus as a sign from God

American believers see the corona virus as a sign from God

God uses the Corona virus to say something, a new poll shows what most religious Americans believe.

Two-thirds of U.S. residents who believe in God see the epidemic as a divine message that urges us to change our way of life According to a poll University of Chicago Divine School and Associated Press-NRC Center for Public Affairs Research.

In this poll, 31% of Americans who believe in God feel “strongly” that the virus is God’s way of saying “change the way we live” and 31% believe “somewhat.”

Evangelical Protestants often feel strongly that religion has a profound religious meaning, with 43 percent expressing that belief. 28 percent of Catholics and major Protestants felt the same way.

“When people hear about God, they immediately interpret it as power,” said Katherine Lofton, a professor of religious studies at Yale University who helped shape the new poll.

“And they answer the question of ‘why is there a power to change what I enjoy?’

Believers also turn to God for protection. More than half of respondents – 55 percent – at least partially believe that God will protect them from illness.

African Americans were often of ethnic background to believe that the virus was a sign of God to change. Forty-seven percent say they feel strongly, compared to 37% Latinos and 27% White Americans.

The small sample size means that only a few people of certain religions have been sampled. The poll sample included 28 Protestants and 20 Roman Catholics. A Muslim and a Jew.

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