June 24, 2024

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An airline’s mad dash for lost luggage

An airline's mad dash for lost luggage

A passenger follows her to several businesses when her airline assures her that her suitcase is at a distribution center.

Valerie Szibala, a woman from Washington DC shared her misfortune on social media.

The way his suitcase was lost and found and the way United Airlines handled his file make you never want to check in checked baggage again.

According to CNN, the woman and her luggage were scheduled to arrive at Ronald Reagan Airport in Washington DC on December 28.

Before leaving for a month-long international trip, Valerie Szibala bought Apple’s tracking device, Airtag, because she had heard so many stories about lost suitcases.

Since she had a layover and was traveling with two different companies, the woman expected her suitcase to go missing.

So that’s what happened. When he arrived at the Washington airport on December 28, there was no trace of his luggage.

After hours of waiting on the phone and online and unable to reach the airline, the woman resigned herself to using her Airtag to track her suitcase.

“At 8pm on Friday the 30th he stopped walking into an apartment building a few miles from me,” CNN reported.

She expected her luggage to be delivered the next day, but, to her surprise, he went to a McDonald’s restaurant instead.

Then, “at a shopping center on the outskirts, twice”.

Even the day she finally got her suitcase back, she found herself going to a mall.

“Every time he goes back to the building,” she said, according to CNN.

As she follows the run of her luggage, the airline assures her that it is at its distribution center.

Valerie Szybala, fed up with the airline’s insistence, finally “went to the building where she had Airtag.

If her suitcase wasn’t there, she still found other empty suitcases near the trash can.

That’s when she decided to share her story on Twitter.

His suitcase was eventually returned to him by a delivery service.

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