May 21, 2024

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An app to find your sense of smell

An app to find your sense of smell

A recent study showed that anosmia, one of the most common symptoms of Kovid-19, lasts from one to two weeks. But in 5% of patients, it lasts for several months.

What if, with a little training, these patients could regain their sense of smell more quickly? This is the starting point of the Kelindi company, a publisher of health applications, which has just launched a tool in this direction.

According to Professor Fabrice Denis, an oncologist at the Jean-Bernard Du Mans Center and co-founder of Kelindi, “olfactory rehabilitation is a technology that has been validated in post-infection anosmia since 2014 and is recommended by communities to accelerate recovery by almost 63% improvement in anosmia “

So how does it work?

The protocol, verified by Professor Sylvain Morinier, head of the ENT department at the University Hospital of Tours, is based on inhaling 4 high-concentration essential oils twice a day (one in the morning and one in the evening): clou de cloves, eucalyptus, lemon and geranium. And this is until the smell recovers.

Please note: CovidAnosmie is a web application. Therefore it does not require download. You will find it at: And if the application is free, count the same 39 euros to obtain a kit of 4 essential oils.

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