July 17, 2024

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Antoine Roussel | Microphone, syrup, sleep

Antoine Roussel |  Microphone, syrup, sleep

On November 14, a thin layer of snow covers the Lotarier sector at the exit from the Laurentides Wildlife Reserve in Saguenay. After passing through the residential area, we drive a few kilometers through the forest before seeing the poster “Welcome to Erablier o Sucre d’Or”.

At the end of the Chemin de la Chaine two buildings can be seen surrounded by trees. The one on the right containing the production plant has recently been renovated. In the garage at the end, Antoine Roussel climbed a ladder.

A native Frenchman, co-owner of the company with his uncle since 2020, welcomes us with a smile and takes the time to show us around. He shows us the forest; Sugar Bush is spread over more than 250 acres of land, he notes before leading us into the factory, where the smell of maple syrup wafts through the air to make your mouth water.

Then we go into the adjacent building. This is where visitors taste the shock products during sugar-off. On this November Monday, the tables and chairs are put away, but the space is comforting. A fire was lit in the wood-burning stove, with three rocking chairs in front of it. It’s the perfect place to talk about hockey, career, business. Life, what.

Photo by Catherine Harvey-Pinard, Pres

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