July 17, 2024

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Press in Qatar | Great malaise

The wonderful destiny of Mary-Philip Pauline

(Doha) The sky is overcast, the color of sand. The weather is good. It’s hot. Very hot, too. Thirty-three degrees – ahead of the humidex index. In Quebec, it’s the hottest day of the year. Here, it is a very pleasant day.

Compared to what?

Compared to the great heat of summer. In August, the mercury reaches 42, 44, 46˚C. record? 50˚C. “The first time I went out for a run in the summer, I came back with blisters on my skin,” Montreal Marathon runner Lily Saad, who has spent the past decade in Qatar, told me.

Sophie Laporte, exiled here for two years, parallels the atmosphere in Quebec. “When it’s -35˚C, the less adventurous stay indoors and wait for winter to pass. Same here. June to September is so hot that people stay indoors with air conditioning. Temperature has a direct effect on lifestyle. »

That’s why this World Cup is going to start in November instead of June as usual. 24 games will also be played at midnight from 10pm to midnight local time. The risk of heat stroke is lower when the sun is elsewhere. Here is this new technological toy that has been developed, in which the Qataris are particularly proud.

Air conditioning in open-air stadiums.

Oh… it must be a bit of pollution, right?

No, swear by Qatari engineers. Technology is not powered by fossil fuels, which create wealth…

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