June 18, 2024

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Apple has introduced the M1 chip to power its new arm-based Macs

Apple has introduced the M1 chip to power its new arm-based Macs

Introduced by Apple New M1 chip It powers its new generation of arm-based Macs. It’s a 5nm processor, just like the A14 Bionic powered its latest iPhones, but it’s the first one designed specifically for the Apple Mac. The new chip gives Apple new energy MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, And Mac Mini.

Apple says it will focus on combining power efficiency with new processor performance. It has an eight-core CPU, which Apple claims is the best performance in the world. Apple claims that the Power Draw offers the same maximum performance as a regular laptop CPU at a quarter of an hour. It has four of the fastest CPU cores in the world, paired with four high-capacity cores.

It will be paired with an eight-core GPU that will deliver the world’s fastest integrated graphics and a 16-core neural engine, Apple claims. Additionally, the M1 processor features universal memory architecture, USB4 controller, media encoding and decoding engines, and security features. These include hardware-certified secure boot, encryption, and runtime protection.

For an idea of ​​how powerful the new chip will be, Apple says about it New MacBook Air The chip is capable of playing 18 hours of video on a single charge (from 12 hours) This year’s Intel-powered MacBook Air), And offers up to 15 hours of wireless web browsing for a fee (previously 11 hours). It doesn’t even need a fan, which means the laptop runs quietly nearby.

Image: Apple

Meanwhile the new 13-inch MacBook Pro offers up to 17 hours of wireless web browsing (starting at 10am this year) Intel-powered MacBook Pro), And 20 hours of video playback (from 10 hours before). Apple claims that “everything on the Mac offers longer battery life”.

Apple claims that the chip can be used to wake up instantly from sleep mode and even perform better when running 3D programs or editing raw files.

Apple says it has optimized all of its apps for new processors. Final Cut Pro is six times faster, Apple says, and Logic Pro can handle three times more than audio tracks. Apple says apps are also coming from third-party providers like Adobe. The lighthouse will launch later this year, with Photoshop next year.

Apple is offering Rosetta 2 translation software for applications that are not optimized for new processors, and existing iOS and iPados applications will also run locally on the new machines.

Reiterating its announcement at its Developers Conference, Apple said it expects to convert all of its Macs to its own processors in the next two years.

The development of its own processors means that Apple is moving away from using Intel’s processors, which has powered its Macs for over a decade. Responding to today’s webcast, Intel said in a statement that it “focuses on providing the most advanced PC experience and a wide range of technology options that can redefine computing.”

“Based on 11thGen Intel Core mobile processors, we believe Intel-powered PCs will provide global customers with the best experience in the most valuable areas, as well as the most open platform for developers today and in the future,” Intel said.

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