May 19, 2024

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Are Solar Panel Kits Really Profitable?

Are Solar Panel Kits Really Profitable?


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Energy: Are Solar Panel Kits Really Profitable?

Energy: Are Solar Panel Kits Really Profitable?

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Low cost and easy to install, solar panel kits are on the rise. More on the shelves, are they really beneficial to people? Decryption.

Fixed to the wall, placed on the floor or suspended from balconies. Self-installation photovoltaic panel kits can now be purchased from major DIY stores. Thanks to increasingly low prices, these panels, often made in Asia, are becoming more successful. How do solar panel kits work and are they cost-effective?

Savings on the bill

In Loire-Atlantique, a consumer bought four panels for 1,500 euros. Once placed in the garden, everything is plugged into a common socket in the garage. He thinks it will save money by generating free electricity. In Île-de-France, William had even furnished his house six months earlier. Bottom line on your bill: an average saving of just 10 euros per month in winter and more in summer. If it produces more power than it consumes, no power supplier is obligated to buy back its excess output. Its green energy flows back into the network for free. He hopes to turn his purchase into a profit within six years.

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