May 21, 2024

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At Ernie Hospital, caregiver vaccines are close to 100%

A l'hôpital d'Ernée, en Mayenne, près de 100 % des soignants sont vaccinés contre le Covid, à la veille de l'obligation vaccinale.

This is the last day for caregivers, as well as those who work with vulnerable people. From Wednesday, September 15, 2021, they must receive at least one dose of the Kovid vaccine to go to work. The second is expected on October 15.

If they are not vaccinated, they will be suspended, without pay. Some are willing to take this risk. According to the latest figures from the Ministry of Health, 12% of vaccinated caregivers were as of September 8. At hospitals in Mayenne, we are waiting for the final number before planning changes are considered.

But there is one hospital that brings this hospital closer to a clear conscience, which is the Ernie Hospital Center, located northwest of the department. Of the 325 staff, all were vaccinated. An ideal person but that does not prevent caregivers from dividing on this responsibility.

“No cheer from the heart”

For my part, I was not worried [par la date du 15 septembre], Gene-baptist, physiotherapist and describes being vaccinated since spring. But some of my co-workers were even more upset, it put a little pressure on them.

At the time the measure was announced, Ernie had 30% of the vaccinated staff. Already lower number than other companies. Over the past few days, everyone has been vaccinated. However, this responsibility does not please Anas and the nurse at all. She received her second dose in mid-August. “But not at all heartfeltShe exclaimed.

Now when asked, she encourages the refractory to vaccinate, to which she repliesResidents are people of character strength who keep themselves steadfast in this choice not to be vaccinated, so I do not encourage them in one way or another“.”This is a very personal decision“Shred a person who is not vaccinated without responsibility.

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Moral obligation to vaccinate

This raises further questions for Veronica, a nursing assistant. She had a covid last year and she thought “Responsibility“To vaccinate. But more in moral sense:”I tell myself it is about protecting ourselves and especially our patients.“Even though she mentioned it”Everyone has the freedom to choose their own body“.

Overall, Ernie does not perform caregivers at the hospital Not too excited about the anti-Kovid vaccine. Some initially accept their doubts, and since then they have been dispelled. Others added that they were given an appointment to live normally with a health pass.

But, they agree that the situation in Ernie will continue to work properly Unions fear that there will be bleeding in the services. As time went on, we realized that there were fewer people who were vaccinated to get to the hospital. “ Saline, another preservative, notes.

Ernie, is a case different?

Under no circumstances is the organization management very satisfactory with these good people. Gerard Gingouin, director admits “The most honest confidence on all teams“He remembered it during the last vaccination campaign Against the seasonal flu, Ernie Hospital reached almost 50% of its staff Vaccinated. In 2019, according to Public Health France, only 21% of nursing assistants and 36% of nurses did so.

About Kovid, This did not prevent some doubts and questions, “But at the margin“, The director assures.”Anger had to be expressed and it was heard. But after negotiations, people agreed that it was better to be vaccinated.

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Only 7 people in Ernie were not vaccinated, but they were employees on maternity leave. On the other hand, in the eHpad attached to the hospital, there were two guardians who decided to refuse the vaccine until the end. One does not renew his fixed-term contract, the other takes availability and removes himself from the status of his civil servant.

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