April 20, 2024

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Axl Rose and Finance Minister Steve Mnuchin were involved in the Twitter war which was not very civil

Mnuchin: This is not the time to worry about the deficit

“That’s official! Whatever people have previously thought about Steve Mnuchin, he was officially a man [a**hole,]”Rose tweeted Wednesday night.
Less than two hours later, Mnuchin replied to Rose, with a tweet that has now been deleted, “What have you done for the country lately?” which was shown by some people including Liberian flag emojis. Mnuchin tweeted Arrogant responses again and include emojis from the American flag.

Rose took a blow on the Mnuchin flag mixup and replied, “unlike this admin, I am not responsible for the death of more than 70k +.”

“Unfortunately I don’t understand we hope to emulate the Liberian economic model but in reality unlike this admin I am not responsible for 70k + deaths and ‘unlike you, I don’t hold the position of government responsibility to eat 2 Americans the people on TV told “that they will be traveling to the US during the pandemic,” he wrote on Twitter, apparently referring to Mnuchin’s comments during an interview with Fox Business Network on Monday.

Mnuchin said in the interview it was “too difficult to say at this point” when asked if he thought international travel would continue this year, but added “this is the right time for people to explore America.”

CNN contacted Mnuchin’s office to comment on the tweet, but has not yet received a response.

Twitter quarrel occurred when the country was turbulent from the economic collapse due to the coronavirus pandemic. Among the ongoing discussions in Congress about the next coronavirus aid package, questions overshadow the Paycheck Protection Program which aims to provide small business economic assistance and transparency about who is given loans and millions of Americans are also still awaiting examination of the coronavirus stimulus – both Mnuchin’s efforts have been involved in inside of it.

It is not clear what made Rose pursue Mnuchin, but the singer was no stranger to openly criticizing President Donald Trump and his administration.

During a concert in 2016, the band allowed fans to get on stage to destroy the piñata from Trump who was elected President. In November 2018, Rose denounced Trump’s campaign for playing band music at a rally, tweeting that the band had asked the campaign to stop and stated that the campaign was using a gap to play their music.
End of the month, he be criticized The president, who tried to blame California’s forest fires on forest management, called Trump a “crazy individual who was truly pathetic.”
The band’s iconic cover of the song “Live and Let Die” played in the background while Trump, not wearing a mask, toured the Honeywell mask making factory in Arizona on Tuesday.

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