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Bed Bugs Treatment with Heat to De-infest Your Room

Bed bug infestations occur near a bed or other furniture closer to humans. Because of their tiny size, they hide well under crevices and nail indentations. Therefore, getting rid of them is a difficult task.

Early detection, preparation, and accurate treatment methods play a significant role if you want to get rid of bed bugs in your furniture.

There are many ways to control and kill bed bugs; however, sometimes, it becomes difficult to decide the best treatment based on the location and severity of their growth. Let’s discuss the most recommended and frequently used heat treatment methods.

Bed bugs treatment with heat

Heat treatment plays a crucial role in de-infesting the affected area or furniture when it comes to proper treatment. When no other treatment feels effective, people go for bed bugs treatment with heat.

The professionals at the pest control companies suggest heat treatment as the best one to get rid of the bed bugs altogether.

How are bed bugs killed with heat treatment?

On exposure to heat for a particular time, bed bugs die. This can be highly effective if performed correctly. For this purpose, the professionals treat the whole room infested with the bugs with a high temperature of almost 145°F. Responders professionals treat the targeted area with heat to kill them.

Industrial-sized heaters are used for the heat treatment of bed bugs, and they are maintained at a high temperature to ensure the elimination of all the bed bugs. This takes almost 6-9 hours.

Whole room heat treatment

Pest management professionals bring with them a temperature-raising machine for killing the bed bugs. Bed bugs die when treated for 90 minutes at 118°F, and if they are treated at 50°F, they instantly die.

The temperature of the room while doing heat treatment is maintained between 135°F to 145°F. Several thermometers are used to measure the temperature to ensure the attainment of optimum temperature. The room is treated for 6-9 hours to ensure the complete removal of bed bugs from the room.

Ensure that the area does not contain any heat-sensitive product that may destroy or melt with heat during the treatment. After the treatment, if you don’t take preventive measures, you may face the issue of re-infestation. A residual insecticide is applied to the borders of rooms being treated to prevent the spread to other areas as a preventive measure.

Hotbox heat treatment

If you don’t want to treat your room entirely with the heat, you can use hot box treatment. This is used to kill bed bugs found on the items like clothing, socks, shoes, and small items. This treatment properly kills the bed bugs from the infested items by treating them at a high temperature for 30 minutes in the dryer.

The dryer is used for treating clothes and socks, while the items you can not place inside a dryer are placed in a heat chamber where the temperature is maintained far above the lethal temperature. Ensure that the things you put in the dryer are dryer safe and consider proper ventilation to prevent any unfortunate event.

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