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Best Kept Casino Secrets You Should Know Before Gambling

The casino industry is highly regulated, and the regulators require gambling platforms to play fairly with players. The casino is a fun and exciting place for many, as the environment is carefully curated, there are games all over the room, coupled with free food and drink.

Nevertheless, there are some kept casino secrets that most of these platforms will not let you know. In this guide, we will be sharing with you some of the best-kept casino secrets that you need to know before gambling.

The Top Kept Casino Secrets You Should Know Before Gambling

1. Return to Player Varies Depending on the Popularity of the Casino

Popularity translates into players for casinos. However, the “market forces” will not always work in your favor but the casino’s. Casinos have a wide range of economic strategies from which to choose. While they are not able to reprogram some of the gambling machines, they are still able to change the RTP percentage whenever they want.

They can also change the rules of a table game. These casinos provide better odds when the population in the casino is low and worse odds when there are more players in the casino. A few casinos also modify their rules at certain hours during the day.

In their theory, paying good odds to a couple of people is better than paying bad odds to no players. Hence, they do this to attract more players when the popularity in the casino is small.

2. All Gambling Machines Are Not the Same

Another top-secret you need to know is that not all gambling machines are created equal. The odds of a gambling machine vary, depending on the provider, the type of game, as well as the settings that are chosen. You can estimate the amount you can win from every deposit by looking at the RTP percentage.

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However, you should know that the configurations of the gambling machines are not the same. The settings differ from one machine to another. Casinos such as casinon utan licens offer a great RTP percentage, thanks to the strict gambling rules in Sweden by the Swedish government.

2. There Are Security Cameras Watching You

As we said earlier, the casino environment is carefully curated and arranged. You can assume that you are being watched when you are in this environment. Most casinos are saturated with surveillance cameras.

These cameras are there to track your movement in the property, almost anywhere you go. The only places you will not find cameras are in their hotel rooms and bathroom. These cameras are there for security reasons, such as looking for cheaters and criminals preying on tourists.

3. Everything You See in the Casino Is Meant to Keep You in There

The casino is one of the few places where you can lose track of time and not know it. There are no clocks and windows in the casino, which means that you cannot keep track of time. One in the morning is like one in the afternoon.

Some casinos have even taken this up a notch by providing stripper poles. This has made some casinos look like gentlemen’s clubs, and all these strategies are to keep people in the casino. Interestingly, casinos also provide free food and drinks to keep you entertained and spend more time in the casino.

4. A Casino Will Investigate You when You Win Big

If you have noticed or if this has happened to you before, whenever someone wins a jackpot, the person would find himself/herself waiting for some time for the staff to show up. While the casino staff can be anywhere, it is part of their job to make you wait for some time.

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The time they are keeping you waiting is when the security is reviewing how you won the jackpot. They will be the ones to decide if you will get the money that you won or escorted out of the premises.

5. You Spend More with the Chips Provided

Another top casino secret is that chips make it easier to spend more money. When you make a deposit, most casinos will give you chips. These chips are small in hand compared to fiat currency, and they make it much easier to spend.

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Final Thoughts

These and more are some of the top secrets of casinos. Knowing these tips will help  enhance your gambling experience and be more careful in your next visit to a casino.


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