April 14, 2024

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Biden says questions about the 1994 Criminal Bill are legitimate

Biden says questions about the 1994 Criminal Bill are legitimate

Joe Biden admitted Wednesday that the questions raised about his support for the 1994 criminal bill were “legitimate”. But the Democratic presidential nominee has urged people to judge him based on his current actions and his past.

Speaking during a virtual NAACP forum, Biden responded to questions from moderators who were concerned about his role in writing the bill when he was a senator from Delaware. Critics say the draconian crime bill has contributed to the massive incarceration of ethnic minorities in recent decades.

The growing ordeal, Biden admitted, “is a legitimate concern. They should be skeptical.” But even though it is “everywhere” that young people are opposed to their past positions in criminal justice, “there is no vote to sustain it. There is no voting evidence to back it up. “

“Look what I’m doing. Judge me on the basis of what I do, what I say and who I tell. ”

Black voters are key to the Democrats’ chances of success this fall, and Biden has put together a concerted effort for the black community, launching a program that focuses on the black economic movement and racial disparities in health care and education. He has also published a criminal justice plan that changes many of the key provisions of the Criminal Bill, and has apologized for backing certain policies in the 1990s.

But some black voters are still angered by his past stance on criminal justice issues and have questioned whether the proposed reforms are going well enough.

While a significant number of black voters are less likely to support President Donald Trump – 6% of black voters backed Trump in 2016, according to a Pew Research Center survey of voters and voters affirmed – they are concerned about Democrats’ White House beliefs that could make a difference in many states Maybe at home.

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However, Biden predicted Wednesday night that if the current political climate continues, Democrats may be ready to take back control of the Senate this fall.

“Now based on polling data – it’s very early – there is a real chance that we will win six seats in the United States to win the Senate again,” he said.

As the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis sparked nationwide protests and a renewed drive for criminal justice and police reform, Biden has been very vocal about the need to address the issue of systematic racism, and reiterated his call for numerous police reforms.

But on Wednesday night, he avoided a major flashpoint in the conversation surrounding such reforms – whether he supports compensation for black Americans. Biden, who has repeatedly emphasized his position, called for a review and said his support for monetary compensation “depends on what it is, and it also includes Native Americans.”

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