July 20, 2024

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Bill 96: SMEs are afraid to increase the administrative burden

Bill 96: SMEs are afraid to increase the administrative burden

The Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses believes that Bill 96, Quebec’s law respecting the official and common language, risks increasing the administrative burden on French and SMEs.

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While it welcomed the government’s desire to ensure the promotion and preservation of the French, CFIB with 25 to 49 employees undermined the possibility of a franchise process, while more than half (56%) opposed the SMEs.

“We are facing a bill with objectives for the sustainability of the French.

“In light of this, the government needs to find a way to avoid increasing the current burden on SMEs,” Mr Berubey said.

CFIB is asking for a new analysis of the regulatory impact of this reform on businesses, but the administrative burden is estimated at $ 8.2 billion annually for Quebec SMEs.

Based on the case study, the company estimates the franchise process costs between SMEs between $ 9.5 million and $ 24.5 million, depending on the size of the business.

CFIB has called for support for businesses through good practices such as setting up a stop-shop franchise Quebec.

“The best way to achieve the goals of promoting French in SMEs remains to support and access services that respect their entrepreneurial realities,” Mr Berubey added.

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