June 24, 2024

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Black Friday: Fewer deals this year

Black Friday: Fewer deals this year

Marketing specialist Luke DuPont says Black Friday or “Black Friday” is the most profitable start of the year for most traders.

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In fact, Black Friday has started a holiday shopping spree for many.

However, Luc Dupont believes that this year’s cuts will not be as significant as the previous ones.

“Unfortunately, you probably won’t get that much discount this year. Why? Because if there are fewer products and more customers, I can sell the products a little more expensive, ”explains the expert.

Many goods in major ports around the world are stalled due to the current shortage worldwide and are not arriving by Christmas time.

“Studies show that if you want to buy something a little more expensive, especially this week and Monday, it’s today. If you want to buy less expensive things, it’s more on Mondays, ”Mr Dupont explained.

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