May 19, 2024

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Canadian Senators | Here come Tkachuk and Stztzle

Canadian Senators |  Here come Tkachuk and Stztzle

The Canadian is going through his first fall of the season, and now he has found the team that started against the fall.

Guillaume LefrancoisGuillaume Lefrancois

Hubs will face Ottawa senators on Sunday in the suburbs of the Canadian capital.

The 3-2 defeat at Bell Center marked the beginning of a more difficult series for CH, this time the team 2-4-0.

For Brady Takachuk, what he does best is an opportunity that hurts the opponent. In the past, we have seen him fight with Shia Weber. And, to show that he did not intimidate his ancestors, he attacked Corey Perry when senators visited the Bell Center.

“From a young age, I never allowed myself to be intimidated,” Takachuk replied via videoconference on Sunday afternoon. I have a lot of respect for these guys, but we are fighting for success. I am playing my way with my vision and my skills. Yes, they are tough players to deal with, but I like to play with passion and emotion and be guided by example. ”

The 21-year-old Takachuk has led the way in pushing the NHL (78) this season. Take that offensive talent and determination, add a dose of leadership to it and lead his head coach to describe him as his team’s “engine”.

“He leads by emotion. He wants to win every time, DJ Smith explained. He’s getting better from game to game. For a big man like him, pre – season games can help. But he still leads our team in points. He’s the engine for our team.”

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Tim Statzel, who scored three points in a 3-2 win over senators in Montreal on February 4, was another who put CH in trouble. The 19-year-old German then went through a five-game scoreless streak with a -7 rating. However, he regained his offensive touch by collecting three points in his last three outings.

“She is OK. Senators head coach DJ Smith said he would stand out even more if he were against other teams at the same time on our journey. But in every two games he does a really special job or two. ”

Murray Right now, Chabot is uncertain

The existence of Thomas Chabot in this dual struggle against the Canadians is uncertain. Buceron missed his team’s last game due to a physical injury.

According to media on the site in Ottawa, Chabot attended his family’s morning training. “I feel okay. The decision is likely to come later today. I’m happy to be back on the ice and things are moving in the right direction,” the dynamic defender said.

Matt Murray will defend the Net of Senators. Murray had a terrible start to the season (2-9-1 record, 3.82 average, .878 capacity), but he gave two good performances against CH two weeks ago, conceding just 4 goals in 70 shots.

The Canadian took a training leave on Sunday morning for this second game in 24 hours. Claude Julian meets the media late in the afternoon.

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